Most successful bootcamps are measured in sweat…. this one was measured in all of our demos working and great turnout!

We spent the morning learning the basics of LoRa technology. Loren Geilen, Semtech Sr. Field Applications Engineer delivered an informative presentation to cover the key points of the technology. Loren provided a detailed low-down on how LoRa radios work and why the technology is such a great fit for IoT. Later on, Nik Kitson, CEO of Haxiot showcased Haxiot end-to-end LoRa IoT solutions followed by an end to end hands-on demo in the afternoon. Haxiot demonstrated an off-the-shelf NEMA lighting fixture being controlled from a LoRaWAN lighting controller using a Haxiot module inside with the Haxiot X-ON cloud platform. The Haxiot X-ON IoT cloud platform was a great way to showcase the power and ease by which LoRaWAN networks can be setup at scale.

Haxiot provided the answer to the age-old question of “how many devices per gateway?” with a series of radio planning guidelines based on different use cases. “It’s very impressive how network planning and deployment has been simplified by Haxiot” said Loren Geilen, Semtech Sr. Field Applications Engineer. Haxiot outlined the Secure Multicast solution that is commercially available and shipping to customers today. Secure Multicast from Haxiot provides 1000x greater capacity to control massive numbers of devices in real-time, especially for lighting and emergency signs. This is an integrated capability of the HXC series modules and the Haxiot X-ON cloud.

The advanced session demonstrated deploying Haxiot Gateway Manger for Linux on a 3rd party gateway platform. Install to operational in less than 1 minute! This left plenty of time to talk about the cost saving benefits of having X-ON Cloud centrally manage distributed gateways.

The afternoon gave everyone the chance to get hands-on with Haxiot products. The Haxiot Mbed shield provides the Haxiot HXC900 client module with a temperature sensor and LEDs. We had everyone build their own sensor application and smart lighting controller with Haxiot Mbed shields, gateways and cloud. The bootcamp was run with application services provided by Object Spectrum, giving us a dashboard for every Mbed shield with sensor outputs and LED lighting controls. It was great to be a part of the first bootcamp where all components worked seamlessly together.

Thanks to Semtech and Launchpad City for hosting the event. We look forward to hosting the next event! Our next LoRa IoT Bootcamp will be in Dallas in October 2018. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on first-in, first-served basis. Please connect the Haxiot team below to receive your invite today.

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