Within the next 10 years, a third of the 650M industrial wireless devices predicted to enter the worldwide market will be connected by LPWAN, covering diverse use cases such as asset tracking, precision agriculture, remote equipment monitoring and smart water solutions. LPWAN solutions are considered by 57% of IoT professionals, with 3/4 of LPWAN developers targeting applications that cannot be addressed with existing technologies.

LoRaWAN is the most widely deployed type of LPWAN, outpacing NB-IoT and Sigfox with its agile business model, ease of deployment and wide coverage. As a secure wireless media protocol for wide area networking, it allows low-powered devices to communicate with Internet-connected applications over long range wireless connections. Acting like a star network, LoRaWAN uses a centralized gateway to communicate with a network of nodes. It is ubiquitous, fast, low cost and highly efficient. Here are seven reasons why Enterprise businesses in search of IoT solutions should consider LoRaWAN as their protocol of choice for their IoT deployment.

One: LoRaWAN is ubiquitous. The network taps into the unlicensed space of radio frequencies that span the entire globe and are free to use anywhere in the world. Since the network has become standardized, the technology is now operable across an interconnected world-wide ecosystem regulated by the LoRa Alliance.

Two: LoRaWAN can turn any space into an IoT island. The network’s low power usage and long range reach, including concrete building penetration, give it a huge advantage over the established protocols of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The cloud-ready network can seamlessly transmit and receive data for up to 15 km in suburban and 5 km in urban areas, with a single gateway accommodating thousands of IoT end-node devices.

Three: LoRaWAN is cost effective. Designed for IoT, the network can easily penetrate new territories. It is something that cellular networks struggle with unless an existing infrastructure is in place, which requires high maintenance cost. In addition, lower bandwidth of transmission across LoRaWAN requires less energy than the average cellular network. The lower power consumption is made possible through ADR (adaptive data rate), which calibrates transmission rate depending on payload, processing speed and amplification.

Four: LoRaWAN is optimal for asset tracking. The network’s tracking capabilities help pin the geoposition of the product in real-time, gauge its storage conditions, such as temperature, and even compare its delivery weight to its shipment weight. This makes asset tracking a fitting application for the transport industry, appealing also to product manufacturers by allowing them to track the whereabouts and conditions of their products.

Five: LoRaWAN is cloud-ready for real-time measurement. Because LoRa only needs periodic communication, it is perfect for data measurement through sensors. A good example is building automation, where conditions such as temperature and lights only need to be measured and controlled a few times a day. Sensors which are often located in hard-to-access locations can be used for real-time measurement and be turned on or off at a distance.

Six: LoRaWAN has powerful control-centric capabilities. Because of its long range capacity and centralized architecture, LoRaWAN is optimal for control-centric projects for all of IoT devices with downlink and multicast functionality. Haxiot has engineered the network’s two-way communication to maximally harness its sensor and command functions. A single Haxiot gateway can cover an entire building, campus or several city blocks. Our system configurations support real-time, low-latency as well as battery-optimized, high-latency control options.

Seven: LoRaWAN is a breeze to deploy… with the Haxiot team. Due to its streamlined architecture, the network is quick and easy to set up, especially when cell tower subsidies are not available. With the Haxiot solution, you can build complex applications on a secure and reliable network with the X-ON cloud, making use of a full suite of control tools.

Haxiot offers low integration cost and an end-to-end fully managed service to help enterprises that require large scale connectivity to enter the IoT market quickly and painlessly. With Haxiot, you can be up and running in less than two weeks! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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