The Haxiot solution combines powerful edge computing tools with LoRaWAN, a highly scalable wireless network known for its low power usage and low cost. Due to its wide area coverage, the network is a great fit for Industrial IoT, as it enables transmitting small packets of device data across long distances. To learn more about the benefits of LoRaWAN, check out our earlier blog post.

LoRaWAN also passes the test as a network with robust security. Since most traditional Industrial IoT systems continue to rely on standard connectivity tools, like Ethernet, Controller Area Network and common wireless protocols such as cellular or WiFi, their complex manufacturing operations are constantly exposed to cyber-attacks and data breaches. By powering your IIoT solution with LoRaWAN, you drastically reduce your network’s vulnerability by isolating your IIoT network from the Internet. Click here to learn more about how LoRaWAN enhances your IoT Security.

From the software standpoint, Haxiot’s unique IIoT solution equips customers with mission-critical sense and control features at the network’s edge. These features enable processing in real time and ensure operational continuity. Real-time analytics drawn from your system’s edge, cloud or hybrid data models also allow the creation of new solutions such as predictive maintenance with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The integration of high performance edge gateways with Haxiot’s LoRaWAN network gives your enterprise IIoT rollout added security, power and reach. To better manage your LoRaWAN-based IIoT network at the hardware level, you can now combine multi-vendor gateways with the distributed Haxiot X-ON Cloud. This device-to-cloud platform supports your enterprise’s data integrity by giving you access to seamless connectivity, device management, and data transformation tools.

Case Study: Liquid Pressure

& Tank Level Monitoring with the Haxiot Platform

Monitoring the level of fluid in industrial tanks is critical to ensuring efficient logistics. Inaccurate readings and assessments could cause a lubricating system to drain, a tank to overflow or a pump to run dry. This directly leads to expensive consequences, such as equipment damage and delayed product delivery.

Such vulnerabilities are especially significant for small tanks that work with low pressure ranges. In these cases, even small errors can have serious consequences. These include agricultural spraying truck tanks, lubrication and hydraulic system reservoir tanks, fire truck water reservoir and foam tanks.

Liquid Pressure sensors or Level Sensors in combination with Haxiot’s Edge Computing solution, help monitor fluid levels of tanks with high precision. The system sends real-time alerts of any abnormal levels to allow for a quick response and to prevent equipment damage. The alerts help keep liquid levels stable and optimize supply-chain operations so that they can run without interruption.

Come see our IIoT demo at Mobile World Congress!

Haxiot will present an exclusive demo of an IIoT use case at Mobile World Congress 2019! We’ll demonstrate pressure sensors and edge computing sense+control using the Haxiot X-ON platform. Visit the Haxiot booth to experience our technology in action and ask questions live. We can’t wait to see you there and speak with you about ways to optimize your IIoT operations.
Come see the demo at our stand: Hall 8.0, Stand 8.0D3 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from Feb 25-28 or set up a meeting with our team for a personal introduction.

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