About Us

Haxiot is a global leader in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) solutions provider. Haxiot solves the problem of collecting real-time data from enterprise assets, systems and people to make immediate business decisions. Haxiot has developed LoRaWAN hardware & software expertise for enterprises to rapidly deploy connected devices securely and at scale.

Haxiot end to end​ IoT solution has proven to significantly reduce time to market & the cost of deployment. Haxiot product portfolio includes wireless modules, gateways & cloud platform (Device-to-Cloud / Device-to-Fog).

Our Team

Our team has been delivering global connected platforms for over 20 years to enterprises and the service providers. Combined over 60 years of experience in software, wireless communication, mobility & embedded development, the Haxiot team has brought innovation and world-class technology skills together into one company that is driven to deliver results to our customers.

Our Mission

The Haxiot mission is to deliver secure, reliable IoT connectivity solutions for enterprise at scale. Our innovations enable customer to rapidly design, deploy and manage advanced Internet of Things applications to enterprises around the world. Haxiot is a global leader in the Internet of Things wireless solution space, enabling our customers to deliver superior quality connected device solutions.

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By haxiot - 17 Aug, 2018

What BYOB means for the wireless IoT

By Haxiot Marketing - 12 Jul, 2018
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