The most widely deployed IoT technology worldwide.
Low cost end nodes, long range, long battery life.

Smart Utility

Our long range, low power wireless network is ideally suited to mains as well as battery powered metering. Simplify smart utility deployments by removing complex mesh networks with high capacity, Low Power Wide Area centralized gateways. The Haxiot wireless solution is cloud-ready for simple integration to existing or new smart utility devices and applications.
  • Factory Provisioning
  • Secure AES
  • Long Battery Life
  • Command & Control

Smart Lighting

We help lighting manufactures add value to their lighting application. Beyond just turning lights on and off to improve energy efficiency, these fixtures can now monitor surrounding objects. This provides municipalities with valuable data on services like smart waste management and traffic monitoring. Enterprises can integrate connected lighting with data gathering sensors in shopping centers, stadiums and across outdoor campus environments.
  • Long Range
  • Secure AES
  • Command & Control
  • Data Collection

Industrial IoT

IoT solutions for industrial and commercial environments require a unique set of capabilities. Our Edge Computing features provide a distributed edge computing environment to deploy analytics and AI algorithms in certified high performance edge gateways. Edge Computing provides low-latency edge connectivity directly between sensors and control systems, bypassing high latency connectivity to the Cloud. Centrally manage and control massive networks from the Haxiot X-ON cloud controller.
  • Real-time Process Control
  • Low Latency
  • Edge Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance

Asset tracking

Our IoT platform creates a new type of asset tracking solution set for industrial and commercial customers. Cost effective asset tracking at enormous scale enables customers to integrate real-time tracking into a wider array of assets to support warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing or campus-based asset tracking. LPWA can support indoor and outdoor smart asset reporting at a fraction of the cost of cellular systems with dramatically more range than mesh or wifi.
  • Long Range
  • Cost Effective
  • Location Based
  • Data Collection

Smart Building

Our long-range wireless technology enables simple deployment of smart building solutions. Support every type of sensor and control system over a single, high capacity sensor network and seamlessly connect to existing smart building applications. Leveraging our standards based solutions opens up more smart building applications including lighting, environment monitoring, fire and personal safety.
  • Wireless Deployment
  • Battery Life
  • Low Cost
  • Higher Device Density

Customer Success Stories

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