Hybrid Cloud & Edge Computing Solution

XON.Edge provides a complete set of device data management orchestrated at the edge of your network on an intelligent gateway. Complex sensor & control solutions are possible independently of cloud connectivity with leading edge AI & Machine Learning tools. XON.Edge can be certified on high performance edge computing gateways from Haxiot Partners.

  • Compatible with:

Gateway Solution

Iot Edge Solution for your gateway

Utilize range of pre-configured gateways from Haxiot & partners. All Haxiot certified gateways support X-ON Edge Computing or X-ON Cloud hybrid data management. Operate complex sensor + control applications using XON.Edge on a Haxiot gateway.

Select from a range of partner gateways to provide XON.Edge or XON.Cloud data services for LoRaWAN devices. Select the right gateway for your needs, either single purpose LoRaWAN connectivity or multi-protocol gateways for sensor + control with distributed applications.

Partner Gateways

Dell IoT 3000/5000

MultiTech Conduit

Cisco Wireless Gateway

Kerlink Wirnet