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Haxiot HXDW USB Picocell Gateway

HXDW USB Picocell Gateway Haxiot HXDW USB Picocell Gateway enables LoRaWAN™ wireless coverage on existing edge host systems & leading industrial grade gateways. The HXDW USB gateway supports the Haxiot X-ON cloud platform for configuration and connecting LoRaWAN IoT devices. The HXDW receiver sensitivity provides coverage and capacity for 1000’s of LoRaWAN Internet of Things devices. The HXDW is suitable for public or private LoRaWAN IoT deployments. The gateway software supports multiple Linux distributions & Windows 10 IoT Enterprise gateway host platforms. The HXDW gateway software runs as a service, supporting Auto-Connect, Auto-Recovery and Auto-Configuration from the Haxiot X-ON Cloud Server platform.

HXDW USB Gateway Overview
• 8-channel LoRaWAN gateway modem
• USB 2.0 interface to gateway host
• Industrial temperate rated -40˚C to +85˚C
• Capacity for up to 1.5 million messages per day
• Dynamic Cloud Configuration supported with Haxiot X-ON Network Server
• Single-click deployment in Windows 10 & Ubuntu Core 16 SNAP support
• X-ON Cloud Server support for Class A, Class C and Multicast
• Supports Windows 10 IoT Enterprise / Pro & Linux host systems
• TLS AES256 bit encryption to X-ON Network Server

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