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HXC LoRaWAN Client Shield

LoRaWAN Client Shield Haxiot developed the LoRaWAN Client Shield (expansion board) for the STM32 Nucleo and Arduino. This board is a shield designed for rapid prototype and development of LoRaWAN clients on ST Nucleo and Arduino platforms. The HXC Client Shield features the Haxiot LoRaWAN client module - HXC Series, addressing long range low power wide area network (LPWAN). The HXC provides an embedded AT-command language as well as a simplified Mbed C++ Embedded API for rapid integration. The HXC Client Shield is compatible with select ST Nucleo and Arduino boards providing LoRaWAN™ client-side connectivity. This software provides the means to set up complete LoRaWAN™ node. The HXC series LoRaWAN™ module is certified and supports Class A, Class C and Secure Multicast. The HXC Client Shield includes the Haxiot® LoRaWAN™ module, stackable Arduino™ connectors, digital input switch, RGB LEDm a u.FL connector, an antenna and a temperature sensor.

Client Shield Overview
• Low-power thermistor temp sensor
• Digital input slide switch
• Digitally controlled RGB LED
• On-board 3.3V regulator
• On-board logic converter to support both 5V and 3.3V I/O
• Jumpers to use any MCU pins to communicate HXC Client
• Arduino stackable connectors
• U.FL connector (antenna included in the kit)
• Arm®Mbed™ Haxiot Embedded API (see http://
• ST Nucleo compatible

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